What makes working with Irby exceptional is the experience of working with our dedicated team.

Whether part of the team for two or twenty years, we’re all like family at Irby. We started as a family business and have carried that culture forward. There’s a pride that comes with working here and it shows in our work. Irby Construction Company’s extraordinary record of success can be attributed to our people who are among the most respected, experienced and talented in the industry.

Leadership Team

Lee Jones


Robert A. Croft Sr.

Executive Advisor

Margaret Rushing

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Rick Shouse

Executive Vice President

Scott Argyle

Senior Vice President of Equipment Operations

Doug Blake

Senior Vice President of Operations

John Hopper

Senior Vice President

Randy Berry

Vice President of Operations

Kevin Croft

Vice President of Administration and Strategic Initiatives

Tim Henry

Vice President of Operations

Tony Honaker

Director of Safety and Training

Greg Berry

Director of Recruiting and Special Projects

Shannon Berry

Director of Operations

Bonnie Burnham

Director of Operations

Jason Clayton

Director of Risk Management

Brian Craig

Director of Operations

Brad Davis

Managing Director of Bidding and Project Management

Jeff Dreyer

Director of Operations Substations

Larry Gerald

Director of Operations

Stephen King

Director of Information Systems

Amanda Lott

Director of Human Resources and Employee Development

Zach Ring

Director of Accounting

Gary Wiggs

Director of Equipment Operations

Project Teams

Our team includes local management and support personnel as well as construction crews who live on project sites worldwide. Irby field management and construction personnel are also loyal, dedicated, talented, well-trained and experienced men and women who live in various project locations throughout the United States and are the foundation of the company. Irby crews are supplemented by local employees selected and trained who often choose to become permanent members of the Irby team.

Interested in joining our team? Visit our Careers page to learn more.