Any configuration. Any voltage. Any terrain.

We provide transmission construction, installation, inspection, along with upgrading and maintaining transmission systems—from the deepest foundations to the tallest structures and every inch of line in between.

Irby Construction Company has completed more than 185,000 miles of wood, steel and concrete pole line construction of voltages from 69 kV to 765 kV. We build in a variety of climates and terrains including rural and urban areas with temperatures ranging from 50 degrees below zero to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The diversity of the locations in which we work matches the diversity of our approach and our adaptability to design and install a variety of foundations and types of construction.

Whether the transmission construction line is five miles or 125 miles in length, Irby crews are committed to the same quality workmanship and professionalism required to deliver the project in a timely manner within budget.

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  • In 1969, Irby Construction Company completed the first 765 kV line built in the United States and have been recognized as the leader EHV power line construction ever since.
  • During the last 30 years, Irby has strung enough conductor to encircle the earth more than 5 times. We handle virtually any size conductor type and configuration.
  • Highlights of the company’s steel and aluminum tower project experience include 6,200 line miles, 25,000 structures and 324,000 tons of steel and aluminum.