GPC Thomson-Vogtle
500kV Transmission Line

Type: Transmission
Scope: 47.08 miles, 500kV
Location: Augusta, GA
Client: Georgia Power Company


Irby Construction was awarded construction of a new 47.08 mile, 500kV transmission line for Georgia Power Company along existing ROW. The line will carry 1113 45/7 ACSR (Bluejay) conductor and utilize 2-7#8 AW shieldwire.

The Thomson-Vogtle 500kV transmission is being built to add the necessary transmission infrastructure to support two new nuclear units. The total line route is 55 miles long beginning at Plant Vogtle in Waynesboro, GA ending at the Thomson Primary substation in Thomson, GA. The transmission line will be in service by 2018.

Start Date: July 2015
Completion Date: April 2017

Learn more at the Georgia Power Company project page.


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