When storm evacuations are underway, we’re often mobilizing and moving in.

At Irby, we take pride in the part we play to restore a sense of normalcy along with the power following an outage.

In the wake of destruction caused by ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and damaging winds, Irby Construction Company has the capability to mobilize crews and equipment quickly and get them to wherever they are needed.

Emergency restoration services require long hours in adverse conditions, it’s also some of the most rewarding work we do. Further, we are especially proud of the safety record we maintain despite the challenging situations and environments restoration work presents.

When disaster strikes your power infrastructure, getting power restored is the priority. Whether you require one crew or thousands, Quanta’s emergency restoration team will be first on the scene to get the job done.
Contact: Doug Blake
direct 601.292.4143
cell 601.594.6771


  • “When I saw the convoys of trucks coming to our aid, my heart was filled with gratitude.”
  • “Everyday when I commute, I see your dedicated workers tirelessly putting our utilities back in working order. Thank you!”
  • “Despite the harsh weather conditions, long hours, and difficulties surrounding the work to be performed, the dedication and sacrifice exhibited by your employees was exemplary.”