Competition for Transmission Construction

Competition for Transmission Construction

A recent story published at highlights growing demand for electric transmission projects and The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) recent adoption of Order 1000. The order will inject competition (for the first time in some instances) to the process of building much needed electric transmission capacity. The changes are fueled by the knowledge that building new capacity is the fastest growing cost on ratepayers’ electricity bills. FERC sees competition as a means to construct the much-needed transmission projects cost-effectively; a point of view that has been shaped by experience. The story features the CREZ project in Texas as a prime success story. Take a look at the complete story for more insight.

NextEra Energy Acquires Plains and Eastern Clean Line Oklahoma, LLC

NextEra Energy Acquires Plains and Eastern Clean Line Oklahoma, LLC

NextEra Energy acquired the Oklahoma assets of Eastern Clean Line Oklahoma, LLC. Bringing a new player to the deal will help transfer wind-generated power.

The Oklahoma project section includes 420 miles of a total of 720 miles that spans across Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas to an area just north of Memphis, Tennessee.

Visit NewsOK for more information on this project.

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Passed in Congress Benefit Electric Utilities

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Passed in Congress Benefit Electric Utilities

The president of Edison Electric Institute (EEI), Tom Kuhn, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “is a win for America’s electricity customers and for investment in critical energy infrastructure.”

“This legislation will grow our economy and encourage much-needed investment in our nation’s infrastructure,” Kuhn said.

According to an article in the Daily Energy Insider, EEI is pleased with the changes in the final conference agreement, which had included provisions the group says are important to its member companies and its customers. One such item is the decreased corporate tax rate. The tax bill would allow companies deduct 100 percent of capital project costs from taxes year one, rather than smaller amounts over time, therefore freeing up investment funds.

Learn more by reading the complete article at  Daily Energy Insider.

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MISO to Issue RFP for 500kV Project

MISO to Issue RFP for 500kV Project

Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) announced an RFP December 19 to build a 500kV line and substation to enhance power market efficiency in Louisiana and Texas. Proposal submissions will be due in July.

The project involves the upgrade of an existing 230kV substation to 500kV, the building of a new 500kV substation, the reconfiguration of 230kV lines and the construction of about 21 miles of 500kV transmission from Hartburg, Texas, near the Louisiana state line, southwest to the new substation near Vidor, Texas.

Texas and Louisiana will both see benefits from Midcontinent Independent System Operator’s newest 500kV line and substation project set to begin January 2019.

The project will cost an estimated $130 million. Click here to read S&P Global’s full story on the plans leading up to this project

AEP Invests $4.5 Billion in Oklahoma Wind Power  Copy

AEP Invests $4.5 Billion in Oklahoma Wind Power Copy

AEP’s Wind Catcher project includes the purchase of a 2,000-megawatt wind farm that Invenergy LLC is building in Oklahoma. Construction of a 765kV power line that would run approximately 350 miles is also part of the proposal. The company is currently talking with states about cost recovery programs once the project is in service.

There have been waves of concern surrounding the selection process and cost estimates of the “Wind Catcher Energy Connection.” Paul Patterson, an analyst with Glenrock Associates LLC, commented, “It’s not surprising that there’s opposition. It’s a big, large, complicated project, and there are a lot of things that have to fall into place.”

Learn more about concerns and options surrounding this project by reading the whole story at E&E News.

Duke Energy to Invest $3 Billion in Grid

Duke Energy to Invest $3 Billion in Grid

With the devastation following hurricane Irma this past year, Ryan Mosier, a Greenville-based Duke Energy Spokesman sheds light as to why the energy company has decided to bury their lines in an article published in the Greenville News earlier this month.

Mosier states, “I would never use the words ‘hurricane’ and ‘help’ in the same sentence, but we have certainly learned with recent experience from Irma and Matthew. They helped add more information to what we were already planning — areas where we need to look at things differently.”

In addition to the $1.3 billion line burial project, Duke Energy plans to invest another $1.7 billion in a power/forward Carolina initiative to build a smarter and more secure grid for the future.

Click here to read the full story.